Juv. Teratophoneus at NOVA screening

This week our young Teratophoneus specimen made the trip to Denver for a sneak-peak screening of the new NOVA special "Making North America" which will air on PBS next month. Terataphoneus shared the stage with DMNS curators Joe Sertich, Tyler Lyson, and Ian Miller who participated in the filming of the special, which is  hosted and presented by Smithsonian Natural History Museum Director Kirk Johnson. Judging from the clips we viewed at the event, this special is going to be INCREDIBLE. Can't wait to see the entire 3 part series in November. #denverpaleo #NOVA

Terataphoneus visits Glasscock School in Lebanon, KY

Our sub-adult Terataphoneus accompanied John for a visit with students and teachers at Glasscock Elementary to encourage young students of science and natural history. The school library made an excellent temporary gallery space where we were able to share photos and stories from this years field work with the Laramidia Project in Utah. The insightful questions of these bright students lead to great discussions about the science of nature and the nature of science. We left feeling encouraged, seeing that the next generation of KY's scientists are inquisitive and passionate.

Tarbosaurus baatar at Danville Montessori School

Another great day at Danville Montessori in Danville, KY with some of the most enthusiastic young paleontologists in this field of science. Great observations and great questions. Montessori teachers do an outstanding job teaching scientific inquiry, and their student:dinosaur ratio is incredible .

GARNA talk about evolution and Utah Dinosaurs

It was a real blast talking with folks from the Greater Arkansas River Nature Association this month. Thanks to the many smart folks from the community who turned out and asked thoughtful questions about the dinosaurs. Kosmoceratops and Terataphoneus said that they had a lot of fun too.  Thank you to the GARNA elementary school summer camp students for their excellent help setting up the dinosaurs for the talk. 

Shinsegae style magazine video

We had so much fun going to Brooklyn for this Shinsegae photo shoot.  The magazine photography turned out beautifully. Thanks to Sooh Hwang, Heidi Mount, Sebastian Kim, Lee Boyoung and everyone else who made this such a great day in Williamsburg.

Metro Parent Magazine Video

Thanks to Metro Parent Magazine for showing off our 2013-2014 show at the Cranbrook Institute of Science in Michigan. Thanks also to the Institute's John Zawiskie for amazing vision in putting together this exhibit and for all of your incredible work in research and interpretation when it comes to Natural History! Looking forward to more shows in the future.


Praise from Cranbrook

Thanks to all of our friends and colleagues at the Cranbrook Institute of Science. We always love collaborating with your team and look forward to every opportunity we have to visit the beautiful campus.